Around Mississauga there are many great places to take a group of kids, especially if you are looking for a school field trip or educational destination! Planning a spring field trip is a great way to get kids out of the house or school after a long winter and to feed their interests in new ways. Read on for our favourite destinations for kids around Mississauga.

8 Top things to do with a kids’ group in Mississauga

Sikh Heritage Museum of Canada

Explore the changing cultural history and layout of Canada at the Sikh Heritage Museum. Students will learn about Sikh heritage and identity through exhibits, photographs and educational programs.

Museums of Mississauga

Visit one of the 3 historic heritage homes in Mississauga for a lesson in the early history of Canada through hands on activities, interactive programs and historical displays. With organized activities and both on and off-site activities, students are immersed in historic cultural experiences.

Bradley Museum

The Bradley Museum property is located on a decades old maple grove on the shores of Lake Ontario and gives students a look at life in the early 18 & 1900’s with its’ 4 original buildings and associated artifacts. You’ll find nature trails on site as well as the Rattray Marsh a short walk away.

Benares Historic House

This 165-year-old estate has been decorated with original family heirlooms from the 4 generations that have called it home. It hosts both a gallery featuring the house and its contents, and several rotating displays and exhibitions.

Leslie Log House

This early 19th century log home was the original home of 2 Scottish settlers who arrived in Canada in 1824. It’s rare to find a log home from this time period, so it is a great example of Canadian history.

Art Gallery of Mississauga

Plan a day trip for your students to experience contemporary art at the Art Gallery of Mississauga. Through installations, exhibits and educational programs kids can get a closer look at local art. Admission to the gallery is free, and classes can choose from a wide variety of programs, talks and workshops.

Egyptian Museum

Dive into the history of Egypt at this museum. The worldwide hub for information about the history of Egypt and its Pharaohs offers students a close up look at exact replicas of King TUT tomb artifacts and other pieces from different eras of ancient Egypt. The museum offers guided tours and organized talks specifically for students so they can learn directly from museum curators and conservators.

The Living Arts Centre

Explore the world of performing arts with classes and workshops at the Living Arts Center. Associated performances and workshops have been designed to meet Ontario curriculum requirements, so not only are they fun for kids, they are educational, too!


Kids can experience hands on gardening techniques with a trip to one of Ecosource’s community gardens. Curriculum based programs teach a wide variety of topics from basic gardening to plant & animal life cycles to composting and healthy eating.

Field trips here are free to PEEL region schools so they are a great option for a science related excursion. Staff at Ecosource will customize your visit so that it compliments whatever units your class is working on.

Planning a Mississauga school trip is easy

Planning a group trip to one of these destinations doesn’t have to be complicated! Once you’ve contacted your chosen destination to set up a program that suits your group, give us a call to secure your transportation! We have great drivers ready to pick up your group, as well as buses of all sizes. Arrange for your perfect kids group trip today!